Scale & Arpeggio Workbook Treble & Bass Clef E-Book (56 Pages)

Scale & Arpeggio Workbook Treble & Bass Clef E-Book (56 Pages)

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A full blown index of almost every scale and arpeggio that you can use.

Also indexed are captions that tell you exactly where to apply each scale and arpeggio in various musical situations.

Unlike most scale books that are lazy and only write out the scales in one key for you, this amazing resource finally has them written out in every single key for you! (and tells you where to apply them)

Every scale, every arpeggio, are all written in all keys. This book has a treble clef portion and bass clef portion. One book, both clefs.

Enhance your vocabulary to add depth to your playing with this book.

The vocabulary presented will unlock your muscle memory to allow the flexibility you desire.

You will have a new found confidence with all of this vocabulary now at your fingertips.

Breeze through any chord progression and always be able to compose melodies on the spot once you absorb this material.

Watch yourself dominate the music industry after you learn these.

Inside is everything you need to enhance your vocabulary:

  • Major Scales

  • Dorian Scales

  • Phrygian Scales

  • Lydian Scales

  • Mixolydian Scales

  • Minor Scales

  • Locrian Scales

  • Major Arpeggios

  • Minor Arpeggios

  • Dominant 7 Arpeggios

  • Half Dim Arpeggios

  • Fully Dim Arpeggios

  • Chromatic Scales

  • Major Pentatonic Scales

  • Minor Pentatonic Scales

  • Whole Tone Scales

  • Major Be-Bop Scales

  • Dominant Be-Bop Scales

  • Blues Scale

  • Harmonic Minor Scales

  • Melodic Minor Scales

  • The Altered Scale

  • Diminished Scale


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